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Among all the diverse events around our globe, here is a picture of a colleague’s field site where he was studying the architectural properties of the genus Nepenthes somewhere in the Brunei rainforest which now resembles a potential rice-field (due to state interests)…rumours even talk of a possible oil-field…

Below, is this other place near a field site at Kudremukh, Western Ghats, India where I had been along with François Munoz sometime in early 2008. We can see forest clumps which closely resemble what are known as “Shola” forests. But these are not the true high altitude Shola forests which are mainly influenced by the humid-forest/dry-savannah interactions. Here, it appears to be more of a “recent past” human intervention and the open areas had signs of having undergone a fire regime less than a year ago. We also noticed a big group of abandoned cows happily munching away in this Swiss-like landscape. By the way, old cows are regularly abandoned in India (in cities and villages alike) because a majority of Indians don’t eat them as they are considered sacred by the Hindus. I wonder how the Americans ever got hold of the “Holy Cow” concept!…


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